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Saskatchewan’s attractions are varied and compelling, reflecting our rich history, colourful culture, physical beauty and boundless imagination.

In every corner of our province there are attractions that proudly describe our past, while university-led cutting edge research helps define our future. Art galleries display collections that bring our many cultures to life. Mineral spas invite you to rejuvenate. Historic sites and community museums tell the colourful tale of the RCMP. Go back in time and experience life the way the First Nations people of Canada did. All this and more is available to you at attractions throughout Saskatchewan.


Canada's Queen City started out as Pile o' Bones, a humble tent settlement on treeless plain near a small, winding creek. Today it is the provincial capital with an urban forest of more than 350,000 hand-planted trees, an extensive park system, major attractions, and a rich, colourful heritage.

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Saskatoon shines! That's what they're saying about this vibrant city. The gorgeous campus of the University of Saskatchewan is the centrepiece, surrounded by great shopping areas, galleries and attractions.

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From Maple Creek in the west to Carlyle in the east, the South is as varied as its landscape. From dinosaurs, bison and dude ranches to art galleries and spas, Southern Saskatchewan boasts a wealth of must sees and dos.

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A birding mecca with millions of waterfowl flocking to the area annually. The heart of First Nations and Metis history and culture. From Lloydminster in the west to Yorkton in the east, the stunning transformation from prairie to boreal forest showcases nature in its grandest form.

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A roaring waterfall with a drop of 25 m. Countless four-season destinations and first-class resort getaways. Colourful Northern Lights that dance across the night sky. One of the most northerly sand dunes in the world. From Meadow Lake in the west to Creighton in the east, the North showcases nature at its best - pure, peaceful and undisturbed.

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