A distant horizon, a beautiful landscape, and space to breathe.

The living sky’s the limit when it comes to outdoor adventure in Saskatchewan. What could be better than trying a little bit of everything? Whether you’re canoeing the rugged wilderness, riding the open range, snowmobiling through a sparkling valley, cycling a pine-topped ridge or hiking our luxuriant boreal forests, Saskatchewan’s diverse landscapes give you space to breathe.



Saskatchewan’s vast wilderness and nearly 100,000 lakes make it the perfect place for a memorable outdoor excursion.

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In the fall, millions of waterfowl flock into the province on their southward journey – creating exceptional opportunities for birding throughout the province.

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With green fees in the $40 dollar range on the upper end, sunshine-filled summers, and accessible tee-times, the word about Saskatchewan’s great golfing is spreading.

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Saskatchewan waters draw outdoors people from around the globe for world-class canoeing.

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From cattle driving in the rolling hills of the Cypress Hills to bison watching in the western edge of Prince Albert National Park, there are many exciting ways to giddy up in Saskatchewan.

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When the white stuff starts falling in Saskatchewan, it's time for a whole new world of fun.

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