A Blanket Of White And Crisp, Clean Air: It's A Whole New World!

When the white stuff starts falling in Saskatchewan, it's time for a whole new world of fun. Roar across hundreds of kilometres of snowmobile trails, go cross-country skiing on groomed and wilderness trails, attend or enter dog sledding events, test your agility with skijoring or party at a winter festival. With so many possibilities, why not come and experience our famous prairie hospitality in the winter!?


Dashing Through The Snow

You haven’t seen Saskatchewan until you’ve seen it from a snowmobile. Explore millions of acres of open land, zip across thousands of kilometres of groomed and signed trails, and be treated to a variety of landscapes that you could never see from the car.

We take snowmobiling seriously in Saskatchewan. More than 30,000 members of 92 clubs work together to organize events and groom more than 10,000km/6,000mi of trails. This hard work and Saskatchewan's climate combine to create great snowmobiling conditions.

Saskatchewan Snowmobiling Association  


Take The Trail Less Travelled

Saskatchewan was made for cross-country skiing. Hundreds of kilometres of groomed and marked trails wind through parks and forests, across open prairie, over rolling hills, and around cities and towns. Shelters are found on longer routes, and some trails are illuminated for night skiing.

Saskatchewan Ski Association 



Feeling Adventurous?

This traditional form of winter transportation is still practiced in Saskatchewan – both for travel and recreation. Skilled outfitters provide many services, including day tours that let you ride along in a sled with a musher driving the team; or longer runs and overnight excursions, where you can learn dog handling skills and feel the excitement of running your own dog team and sled.

For more adventure try skijoring. Select outfitters offer this unique activity where a cross-country skier is towed behind a running dog or horse.

Dog sled events grow in popularity every year. The Canadian Challenge sled dog race runs from Prince Albert to as far north as Grandmother’s Bay and is held in February of each year; this race a qualifier for the famous Iditarod and Yukon Quest races.

Sundogs Excursions* - Prince Albert National Park Area

Paws 'n' Paddles Wilderness Tours - Air Ronge

Canadian Challenge Sled Dog Race - Prince Albert

 *CTC Canadian Signature Experiences Collection

Time To Celebrate Winter!

In Saskatchewan, we don’t just endure winter, we celebrate it. Temperatures may have dropped, but a practical coat and good pair of mitts takes care of that. Fresh snow lays thick on the ground, the crisp, clean air colours our cheeks and sun-filled big skies make winter a great time to celebrate.

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